Not only has the season changed, but I’ve watched my mother “Toots” enter a new phase by entering a place called Autumn Care.

This is a phenomenon that almost everyone will face, but almost no one is prepared for–that place between complete self-reliance and self-sufficiency and 24-hour a day care.

The sums involved are mind-boggling, meaning almost everyone scrambles to somehow get eligible for government assistance, a process that can turn the most staunch conservative into a big-government liberal.

As a result of the recent meltdown, most families can not even contemplate a stable healthy retirement, even if they pay a lot of money into various investment accounts.

Investments can fluctuate wildly, but the costs continue a steady increase.

Listening to folks call others “socialists” seems especially silly when one’s closest relatives are at risk.  The reality is that end of life health care is one of the many needs which are so far beyond the ability of an individual as to be scary to even contemplate.

We also couldn’t afford an ambulance, a highway or maybe even a sidewalk, or a neighborhood park, a library, a Food and Drug Administration laboratory or an FBI office.     When one thinks about it, there is an army larger than the fictional network in the cell phone commercial at our disposal thanks to the shared investment in government.

As individuals, we need to select people who care about those needs, as opposed to attempting to privatize and restrict access.

Every one faces autumn.  I’ve yet to see any ideology that can keep the seasons from changing.    So we’d better figure out how to protect ourselves before winter comes.


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