Take two of these…

Not only is it good for one’s personal health to visit a black health practitioner, but they are one of the bedrocks of our neighborhoods.   I’ve recently had the opportunity to take photos of the former home of the late Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett, who was a psychologist, physician, publisher and politician, to help its designation as an historic landmark.

Dr. Marcus Penn recently returned from Africa with a stunning photographic display. He’s outreach coordinator for the UC-SF Department of Radiation Oncology, where Dr. Mack Roach is chair.  They’ve made it their business to focus on prostate cancer among black men, including providing free care to those who can’t afford it.

Yesterday, I heard from Dr. Mary Ann Jones, program director of Bay Area Community Services, who asked for a referral for a black caterer to an upcoming employee picnic. That’s the whole spirit of National Black Business Month.  All of us have opportunities to make a decision about how either our money or, even better, someone else’s money, is being spent.

If you take that additional step, to determine which black entrepreneur can do the job, you’ll prescribe one of the most powerful remedies possible — economic development.


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