The shots seen round the world

The United States has been losing international basketball games because of a lack of outside shooting.

Even the most pure shooter of this generation, Ray Allen, laid bricks for most of the 2008 playoffs before a hot streak in the finals for the victorious Boston Celtics.

It is a contrast with the artistry that has kept the Harlem Globetrotters a fan favorite for more than six decades.  The Globetrotters, amazingly, almost never lay a brick despite extreme degrees of difficulty.

The Illinois by way of Hawaii and Harvard globetrotter laid claim to that mantle in the first stop of his world tour by sinking his first three-pointer before an audience of cheering U.S. troops in Kuwait.  The video showed him hitting another.

It was a shot that might become the defining image of the presidential campaign which could hinge on his readiness to become commander in chief.  It was clear that the troops would follow him over the ridge.

We also can envision a whole new dimension of diplomacy. Rather than threatening sanctions or invasion, perhaps a President Obama can challenge the leaders of Iran or the Sudan to a game of horse. It would save American taxpayers and the families of the military a great deal.

Remember that the icebreaker between the United States and China was a ping-pong game.


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