People like us

There is a tendency to look at Sen. Barack Obama and family as anomolies among African-Americans, a view that sometimes gets expressed in comments like that of Rev. Jesse Jackson or even Ralph Nader.  But today’s story in suggests that 29 percent of the black workers in Chicago are managers and professionals just like Michelle and Barack Obama, a figure that rises as high as 39 percent in the D.C. metro area and tops one third in the San Francisco and Los Angeles regions.

Similar sentiments were voiced when Bill Cosby had his television show with Phyllicia Rashad, a doctor married to a lawyer. But in 2006, for the first time, more than a million black families exceeded $100,000 in household income.

To those who suggest that different economic positions produce different political views is the reality that affluence does not free one from the toll of facing racism in the country.  However, there are more people who have the ability to cross racial lines to win elections or even proxy fights like Govs. David Paterson or Deval Patrick.

National Black Business Month gives an opportunity for all blacks to find common cause in economic development, something no one can oppose.  As Billie Holliday sang, God bless the child that has (their) own.


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